Best PCP Rifle Scope in 2023

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In this guide, I’m going to show you the Best scopes for PCP rifles for target shooting.

I’ve hand-tested more than 15 PCP rifle scope alone for this review. I’ve sorted the scopes by use. So whether you’re on a budget or need the Best PCP Rifle Scope, you’ll find it here.

PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) rifles are popular among airgun enthusiasts for their power, accuracy, and consistency. The type of scope you choose for your PCP rifle depends on your shooting preferences and the specific application you have in mind.

Let’s Start!

PCP rifles, also known as pre-charged pneumatic rifles, are air rifles that use compressed air as the power source to propel the projectile. They are a type of airgun that is popular among shooters and hunters for their power, accuracy, and consistency.

Unlike traditional spring-piston or gas-piston air rifles that rely on a mechanical spring or gas piston to compress air and propel the pellet, PCP rifles store compressed air in a reservoir or air cylinder. This compressed air is typically charged using a high-pressure hand pump, a scuba tank, or a specialized air compressor.

The compressed air in the reservoir is released in controlled amounts to propel the pellet or bullet down the barrel. PCP rifles offer several advantages over other types of air rifles, including:

1. Power and Range: PCP rifles can generate high muzzle velocities and deliver substantial energy, allowing them to be effective at longer distances. This makes them suitable for hunting, pest control, and target shooting.

2. Accuracy: PCP rifles are known for their excellent accuracy. The absence of recoil, consistent power delivery, and the ability to fine-tune the air pressure contribute to their precision.

3. Shot Count: PCP rifles typically have a larger air reservoir than other types of airguns, enabling a higher shot count per charge. This is especially beneficial in scenarios where multiple shots are required before refilling the air supply.

4. Consistency: PCP rifles provide consistent shot-to-shot velocity and accuracy, resulting in tighter groups and predictable performance.

5. Adjustable Power: Many PCP rifles offer adjustable power settings, allowing shooters to customize the velocity and energy of their shots based on the target or shooting scenario.

It’s important to note that PCP rifles require a charging system to fill the air reservoir, which may involve additional costs and equipment. However, many airgun enthusiasts find the performance and versatility of PCP rifles to be well worth the investment.

Best PCP Rifle Scope

The Hawke Airmax 3-9×40 AO is a specific model of rifle scope designed for airguns, including PCP rifles. Here is a product description of the Hawke Airmax 3-9×40 AO scope:

best scopes for pcp rifles

Key Features

·        Magnification range: 3 to 9X 

·        Length: 12 inches

·        Weight: 18.3 ounces

·        40mm objective lens (adjustable objective)

·        1-inch tube

·        1/4 MOA adjustments

·        7.5 yds to infinity parallax adjustment

·        Spring piston airgun rated


·        Rugged, spring-piston rated

·        Compact

·        Great reticle for a hunting gun

·        Attractive pricing



·        Not enough elevation adjustment to shoot extended ranges

The Hawke Airmax 3-9×40 AO is a versatile and reliable rifle scope built to enhance the shooting experience for airgun enthusiasts. With its adjustable magnification range of 3-9x, it provides a suitable balance between close-range and medium-range shooting.

One of the key features of this scope is its adjustable objective (AO) lens, which allows for parallax correction. Parallax occurs when the reticle appears to move relative to the target when the shooter’s eye position changes. The AO feature enables the shooter to focus the target image precisely at different distances, reducing aiming errors and improving accuracy.

The 40mm objective lens diameter on the Airmax 3-9×40 AO provides excellent light-gathering capability, resulting in bright and clear images, even in low-light conditions. This ensures optimal visibility and target acquisition, enhancing shooting performance.

The Airmax 3-9×40 AO scope features a durable construction that can withstand the unique recoil characteristics of airguns. It is shockproof, ensuring it remains zeroed even after repeated use.

The scope comes equipped with Hawke’s Airmax AMX reticle, which is specifically designed for airgun applications. The AMX reticle features multiple aim points, facilitating accurate holdover and windage compensation. This is particularly useful for airgun shooting, where pellet trajectories can differ from traditional firearms.

The Hawke Airmax 3-9×40 AO scope is also nitrogen-purged, making it fogproof and waterproof, allowing it to perform reliably in various weather conditions.

Hawke Hunting Precision H2 Optics Fast Focus Mil Dot Reticle

About this item       

  • ·        HAWKE VANTAGE 3-9×40 AO – The Hawke Vantage 3-9×40 AO riflescope features 3-9x magnification with the 40mm lens which is shockproof, watertight and fogproof

A lightweight, easy-to-use riflescope that will work on everything from Midwest, close-range whitetail hunts, to the dark timber of the west, to the extremes of an Alaskan dream hunt. Optical quality for elite mountain hunters, with all the necessary features, such as a locking elevation turret with our patented RevStop Zero System for a fast and reliable return to zero, push-button illuminated center dot, and 30mm tube for increased travel.

best scopes for pcp rifles

Key Features 

·        Magnification: 4.5 to 22 power

·        Field of view at 100 yards: 23.5 to 4.7 feet

·        Adjustments: .25 MOA

·        Weight: 21.7 ounces

·        First-plane precision reticle

·        Locking exposed elevation turret, capped windage turret

·        Push-button illumination control

·        25-yard-to-infinity parallax


·        Ability to focus as close as 25 yards makes this a decent rimfire scope

·        XLR-2 MOA-based reticle is useful without being cluttered

·        Push-button illumination is smart and both bright and subdued


·        The elevation turret turns a little too easily


·        Like to see a MRAD version of this reticle

best scopes for pcp rifles

The XLR-2 reticle is an illuminated, long-range reticle with elevation and windage reference subtensions. Great for long-range users who prefer to hold for drop and wind at distance.

·        .15 MOA / .04 MRAD Center Dot

·        1 MOA / .5 MRAD Subtensions on vertical crosshair

Vortex Optics Razor HD LHT 4.5-22×50 First Focal Plane Riflescope

About this item       

  • ·        The Razor HD LHT 4.5-22×50 FFP riflescope answers every demand of the long-range hunter, and is still among the lightest in its class while adding first focal plane functionality and a higher mag range.

Looking for a riflescope that punches above its weight? Something that holds its own against products twice its price? We’ve designed the HELIX in a way that puts the important things first: clear glass, smart reticles, innovative features and a turret system superior to other products in the same price class. 

best scopes for pcp rifles

Key Features

·        Magnification range: 6 to 24X

·        Length: 14.25 inches

·        Weight: 26 ounces

·        30mm tube

·        Objective lens diameter: 50mm

·        Second focal plane

·        MOA reticle

·        Field of view at 100 yards: 19 to 4 feet

·        Parallax adjustment: 10 yards to infinity

·        Toolless turrets

·        Removable throw lever


·        Light and compact

·        Excellent reticle configuration for hunting

·        Excellent image quality


·        Some shooters prefer FFP 

·        Competitive shooter may want a different reticle 

·        Magnification is too high for some applications 

Our turret system has been upgraded from your stock-standard sporting optic to feature stainless steel internals for resistance against wear-and-tear when dialing regularly – something that modern shooting disciplines require. The tool-free turrets and zero-stop mechanism give you high end features without breaking the bank, and the 24x reticle calibration allows you to effectively use the reticle at 12x and 6x if you so wish (with some basic math, of course!). We’ve introduced quality control checks to give you peace of mind when taking that 1000 yard shot, and if something goes wrong, our Platinum Lifetime Warranty has you covered!

Helix Rifle Scope 6-24×50 FFP and SFP w/ Zerostop

About this item       

  • ·        BEST VALUE FOR CLOSE OR LONG-RANGE SHOTS. Helix 6-24×50 is a class leading, compact and lightweight scope that punches above its weight class and suitable for close, mid, and long-range shots.

The Element Titan 3-18×50 FFP is a rifle scope designed to provide shooters with versatility, clarity, and precision. Here is a general product description of the Element Titan 3-18×50 FFP scope:

best scopes for pcp rifles

Key Features

·        Magnification: 3-18x

·        Tube Diameter: 34mm

·        Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm

·        Eye Relief: 4 inches

·        Parallax: 10 yards to infinity

·        Length: 14.57 inches

·        Weight: 34.4 ounces


·        Excellent low light capability

·        Good reticle

·        Parallax is well-suited to air rifles


                 ·        Heavy

Product Description

The Element Titan 3-18×50 FFP scope offers a wide magnification range from 3x to 18x, allowing shooters to adapt to various shooting scenarios. Whether you’re engaging targets at close range or looking to shoot at extended distances, the adjustable magnification ensures flexibility.

The FFP (First Focal Plane) reticle design is a significant feature of this scope. In an FFP scope, the reticle’s size remains proportionate to the target throughout the magnification range, allowing for accurate holdovers, range estimation, and windage corrections at any zoom level. This makes it particularly useful for long-range shooting and precision applications.

With a 50mm objective lens diameter, the Element Titan scope maximizes light transmission, delivering bright and clear images even in low-light conditions. This ensures better visibility and target acquisition, enhancing overall shooting performance.

The Titan 3-18×50 FFP scope incorporates high-quality optics and coatings to provide excellent image clarity, contrast, and color fidelity. These features contribute to a sharp and detailed sight picture, enabling precise shot placement.

The scope is constructed with durability in mind. It is built to withstand recoil and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in rugged settings. The materials used are typically rugged and resistant to impacts, fog, and water, making the scope reliable in various weather conditions.

The elevation and windage turrets on the Titan 3-18×50 FFP scope are designed to allow precise and repeatable adjustments. Depending on the specific model, they may have tactile and audible clicks for easy adjustments in the field. This ensures shooters can make necessary corrections quickly and accurately.

Titan Rifle Scope 3-18×50 FFP w/ Zerostop, 34mm Tube, MRAD, MOA Reticle

About this item       

  • ·        PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY. Stainless Steel Toolless Turrets provides durability and adjustability on the fly.