Trijicon Credo HX 1-8x28

The Trijicon Credo HX 1-8×28 is a high-quality riflescope designed for a wide range of shooting applications. Here is a review of the Trijicon Credo HX 1-8×28:

Trijicon Credo HX Illuminated Hunting Riflescopes

Optical Performance: The Credo HX features premium glass and fully multi-coated lenses, providing excellent optical clarity, sharpness, and color reproduction. The sight picture is clear and vibrant, allowing for precise target acquisition and identification even in low-light conditions. The image quality remains consistent throughout the entire magnification range.

Magnification Range: The 1-8x magnification range offers versatility for both close-quarters engagement and extended-range shooting. The true 1x magnification provides a wide field of view and rapid target acquisition, while the 8x magnification allows for more precise aiming and target engagement at greater distances.
Trijicon Credo HX Illuminated Hunting Riflescopes

First Focal Plane (FFP) Reticle: The FFP reticle maintains subtensions at all magnification levels, meaning the reticle’s size and aim points remain constant relative to the target. This allows for accurate ranging, holdovers, and windage corrections at any magnification setting.


Illuminated Reticle: The illuminated reticle in the Credo HX enhances visibility in low-light conditions, providing quick and precise target acquisition. The illumination settings have multiple brightness levels to accommodate various lighting environments. The reticle illumination can be easily adjusted or turned off when not needed.

Trijicon Credo HX Illuminated Hunting Riflescopes

Construction and Durability: The Credo HX is built with a rugged and durable aircraft-grade aluminum housing, ensuring durability and shock resistance. It is waterproof and fog-proof, making it reliable in harsh weather conditions. The scope is designed to withstand recoil and heavy use.


Turret System and Tracking: The Credo HX features precise windage and elevation turrets with tactile and audible clicks for easy adjustments. The turrets offer a positive and repeatable tracking experience, allowing for precise shot placement and quick corrections in the field.

Trijicon Credo HX Illuminated Hunting Riflescopes

Ease of Use: The scope is user-friendly with intuitive controls and a fast-focus eyepiece for quick reticle focusing. The eye relief is generous, providing a comfortable shooting experience and accommodating various shooting positions.


Overall, the Trijicon Credo HX 1-8×28 is a top-tier riflescope that offers excellent optical performance, a versatile magnification range, and durable construction. With its illuminated reticle, FFP design, and reliable tracking, it is well-suited for a variety of shooting applications, including hunting, tactical shooting, and competitive shooting. It is a high-quality optic that delivers exceptional performance and is trusted by shooters who demand precision and reliability in their equipment.


Trijicon Credo HX Illuminated Hunting Riflescopes

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·  CONFIDENT AIMING IN ANY LIGHT: User-selectable LED brightness settings with an “off” in between each setting to adapt to any environment