Holosun 507k vs 507c- ( Red Dot Review )

What’s the difference between Holosun 507k vs 507c? Which Red Dot Optic Is Right For You?

I wanted to find out, so I bought both red dot sights and hand-tested by the end of this Holosun 507k vs 507c comparison review, you’ll know which red dot is best for you.

Let’s start!

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Features Holosun 507c HOLOSUN HS507K
Classic Multi Reticle
Red Dot Sight HS507C-X2
Classic Multi Reticle
Red Dot Sight HS507K-X2
Magnification Minimum
1 x
1 x
Item Dimensions
5 x 4 x 4 inches
1.6 x 0.98 x 0.95 inches
0.09 Pounds
28 Grams
Under $300
Under $300
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Holosun 507k:

– Designed specifically for smaller compact pistols.

– Has a smaller footprint and lower profile.

– Mounts directly to the slide without requiring an adapter plate.

– Uses a side-loading battery compartment.


Holosun 507c:

– Designed for full-sized pistols and other firearms.

– Has a larger window and a more robust construction.

– Requires an adapter plate for mounting on certain pistols.

– Uses a top-loading battery compartment.

Holosun 507k vs 507c Comparison

Let’s do a detailed side-by-side comparison of the Holosun 507k and Holosun 507c:

Holosun 507k

Holosun 407k Vs 507k

Designed for Smaller Compact Pistols: The 507k is specifically designed to be more compact and is ideal for smaller handguns or compact firearms. This optic is one of the best red dot sight as red dot sight for pistols.

Footprint and Profile: It has a smaller footprint and lower profile, making it a better fit for subcompact or slim-frame pistols, as it won’t overhang the slide as much.

Mounting: The 507k is designed to mount directly to the slide of certain handguns without requiring an adapter plate. This streamlines the installation process and reduces the overall height of the optic on the pistol.

Battery Compartment: It features a side-loading battery compartment, which allows you to change the battery without removing the sight from the firearm. This can be convenient, especially if the sight is mounted in a low-profile configuration.

Holosun 507k Pros:

– Compact and lightweight design.

– Circle-dot reticle (2 MOA dot with 32 MOA circle) for rapid target acquisition.

– Multiple brightness settings and solar power option for extended battery life.

– Suitable for both handguns and long guns, offering versatility in different shooting scenarios.

Holosun 507k Cons:

– Might be pricier compared to simpler red dot sights.

– Battery compartment might be less convenient for some users compared to side-loading models.

HOLOSUN HS507K-X2 Classic Multi Reticle, Red Dot Sight

About this item       

  • ·        EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: HS507K-X2 Classic Multi Reticle Red Dot Sight in Black, multi tool, lens cloth, and user manual. Additional features include Shake Awake, Multiple Reticle System, Multilayer Reflective Glass and CCW IP67 Waterproof.

Holosun 507c

Trijicon rmr vs Holosun 507c

Designed for Full-Sized Pistols and More: The 507c is intended for use on full-sized pistols, as well as other firearms where a larger red dot sight is desired.

Window Size and Construction: It has a larger window, which provides a broader field of view, making it easier to track targets during rapid shooting. Additionally, the 507c is built with a more robust construction, making it suitable for duty or competition use.

Mounting: The 507c typically requires an adapter plate for mounting on certain handguns, especially those with unique mounting patterns. This may add a bit of extra height to the optic’s profile on the firearm.

– Battery Compartment: Unlike the 507k, the 507c uses a top-loading battery compartment. This means that you need to remove the sight to change the battery, which might be slightly less convenient than the side-loading design.

Holosun 507c Pros:

– Versatile circle-dot reticle (2 MOA dot with 32 MOA circle) for quick target acquisition.

– Solar power option and Shake Awake technology for extended battery life.

– Suitable for full-sized pistols and other firearms, providing excellent performance in various shooting scenarios.

Holosun 507c Cons:

– Some models may require an adapter plate for mounting on certain handguns.

– Battery compartment is top-loading, which may require sight removal for battery replacement.

HOLOSUN HS507C X2 Circle Dot Solar


In summary, the Holosun 507k is designed for smaller compact pistols, featuring a smaller footprint and direct slide mounting, making it an excellent choice for subcompact or slim-frame handguns. On the other hand, the Holosun 507c is better suited for full-sized pistols and other firearms, with its larger window and more robust construction, though it may require an adapter plate for certain handgun models. The choice between the two depends on the size and type of firearm you intend to use the red dot sight on.