Holosun 407k vs 507k- ( Red Dot Review )

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What’s the difference between Holosun 407k vs 507k? Which Red Dot Optic Is Right For You?

I wanted to find out, so I bought both red dot sights and hand-tested by the end of this Holosun 407k vs 507k comparison review, you’ll know which red dot is best for you.

Let’s start!

Classic Multi Reticle
Red Dot Sight HS507K-X2
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1.6 x 0.98 x 0.95 inches
1.6 x 0.98 x 0.95 inches
1 Ounces
28 Grams
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Holosun 407k and Holosun 507k are both popular red dot sights designed for handguns. Here’s a quick comparison:

Holosun 407k:

– Has a 2 MOA dot reticle.

– Single power setting (no magnification).

– Compact and lightweight design.

– Suitable for pistols and other firearms where a small footprint is desired.


Holosun 507k:

– Features a 2 MOA dot reticle as well as a 32 MOA circle for faster target acquisition (circle-dot reticle).

– Multiple power settings, including solar power option.

– Slightly larger and heavier compared to the 407k.

– Suited for handguns and long guns where versatility and quicker target acquisition are priorities.

In summary, both sights have the same 2 MOA dot reticle, but the Holosun 507k offers a circle-dot reticle and additional power settings, making it more versatile for different shooting scenarios. The Holosun 407k, on the other hand, is a more compact and straightforward option, ideal for those who prefer a simple and lightweight red dot sight.

Holosun 407 vs 507 Comparison

Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of the Holosun 407 vs Holosun 507 in more detail:

Reticle Options:

   – Holosun 407k: Offers a single 2 MOA dot reticle, which provides a precise aiming point for your target.

   – Holosun 507k: Provides both a 2 MOA dot reticle and a 32 MOA circle for faster target acquisition. This circle-dot reticle allows you to quickly center your target, making it well-suited for dynamic shooting scenarios.

Power Settings:

   – Holosun 407k: Comes with multiple brightness settings to adjust the intensity of the dot according to lighting conditions.

   – Holosun 507k: Offers multiple brightness settings, like the 407k, but it also includes a solar power option. The solar panel on top of the sight helps to extend battery life, making it an energy-efficient choice.

Battery Life:

   – Holosun 407k: Typically has a battery life of several thousand hours, depending on the brightness setting used.

   – Holosun 507k: With the added solar power feature, the battery life of the 507k can be significantly extended, and it also has a long-lasting battery life even without using solar power.


   – Holosun 407k: Compact and lightweight design with a smaller footprint, making it ideal for concealed carry and applications where a smaller sight is preferred.

   – Holosun 507k: Slightly larger and heavier compared to the 407k due to the added solar panel and the circle-dot reticle. It’s still suitable for handguns but might be better suited for use on larger pistols or long guns.


   – Holosun 407k: Typically weighs less than the 507k due to its smaller size and simpler design.

   – Holosun 507k: Slightly heavier than the 407k, but the weight difference is not substantial.

Suitable Firearms:

   – Holosun 407k: Suited for a wide range of handguns and firearms where a smaller red dot sight is desired, including concealed carry pistols.

   – Holosun 507k: While also suitable for handguns, the circle-dot reticle and larger window may be more advantageous on larger pistols or even on long guns like shotguns or rifles.


   – Holosun 407k: Generally tends to be a bit more affordable compared to the 507k.

   – Holosun 507k: Pricier due to its additional features and versatility.

Holosun 507k vs 407k

Let’s compare the Holosun 507k vs  407k red dot sights in detail:

Holosun 407k

The Holosun 407k is a compact red dot sight designed for handguns, featuring a 2 MOA dot reticle and multiple brightness settings. It is lightweight, suitable for concealed carry, and offers a straightforward design for precise aiming.

Holosun 407k Vs 507k

Holosun 407k Pros:

– Compact and lightweight design.

– 2 MOA dot reticle for precise aiming.

– Multiple brightness settings.

– Suitable for concealed carry and smaller handguns.

Holosun 407k Cons:

– No circle-dot reticle for faster target acquisition.

– Limited battery life compared to models with solar power options.

HOLOSUN HS407K X2 Red 6 MOA Dot Open Reflex Optical Sight

About this item       

  • ·        HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT – The HS407K X2 is an open reflex optical sight designed for subcompact pistol applications; It features Red Super LED with up to 50k hour battery life, a crisp 6MOA dot, and 12 reticle intensity settings; The HS407K X2 is direct for P365X/XL, and requires an adapter plate for slides with a four-boss interface

Holosun 507k

The Holosun 507k is a red dot sight designed for handguns, featuring a versatile circle-dot reticle (2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA circle) for faster target acquisition. It offers multiple brightness settings, including a solar power option for extended battery life. The 507k is suitable for handguns and long guns, providing excellent performance in various shooting scenarios.

Holosun 407k Vs 507k

Holosun 507k Pros:

– Versatile circle-dot reticle (2 MOA dot with 32 MOA circle) for quick target acquisition.

– Multiple brightness settings and solar power option for extended battery life.

– Suitable for handguns and long guns, providing versatility in different shooting scenarios.


Holosun 507k Cons:

– Slightly larger and heavier compared to more compact models.

– May be pricier than simpler red dot sights.

HOLOSUN HS507K-X2 Classic Multi Reticle, Red Dot Sight

About this item       

  • ·        EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: HS507K-X2 Classic Multi Reticle Red Dot Sight in Black, multi tool, lens cloth, and user manual. Additional features include Shake Awake, Multiple Reticle System, Multilayer Reflective Glass and CCW IP67 Waterproof.