Monstrum G2 1-4x24

I’m sharing my experience where I have bought this Monstrum G2 1-4×24.

First off, this scopes optics are very clear and the reticle easily acquired even on the lowest setting. I also have another FFP scope on another of my ARs that cost me twice what I paid for this Monstrum and in my opinion, they are very comparable to each other. I laser bore-sighted it at 25 yards, verified zero at 50 yards with a dime sized group and shot out to 100 yards at 4 X with silver dollar groups. I put about 200 rounds down range and the zero held with no issues.The only problem I have scope is that the 1x – 4x adjustment ring is a bit on the tight side and it doesn’t have a ring lever to assist in the power change.

Excellent package for the money spent. Everything functions as it should. This is my first FFL scope, it is sweet! Nice clear, crisp reticle that can be lit red or green, or used unlit. Clear glass, decent eye relief. Adjusting windage, elevation, zoom and diopter are all easy. Mounted to picitanny rail easily on the Ruger AR556 MPR. 1-4 power with FFL is very usable. Shot nice groups at 100 yds shooting at a 3″ target. This scope package is a no brainer for the money! Features not included: auto turn on/off for lit reticle, tool-less zeroing of turrets.

Monstrum G2 1-4x24


Seemed pretty solid and held zero well. Loved the illumination. Nice that it comes with sunshade, lens caps, and rings(even though I bought canted rings to use instead)

Not so good:

Illumination lasted about 20 minutes then the red doesn’t work. Green does, not the red. When you turn the illumination switch the cross hairs shift (they come back to center but it’s pretty annoying)

Monstrum G2 1-4x24

Three things that I dislike about this 1-6x monstrum scope is:

1. The sunshade is horrible! Once I put the sunshade on I had so much reflection being thrown in my lens from the cheap material it’s made from that I was seeing the leaves from the tree. And anything that had a light Reflecting off it gave me multiple reflections of what I’d say was a star type reflection. Once I removed the sunshade, I did not have that issue anymore. Simple fixes buy a better sunshade for this scope.

2. It’s very hard to adjust the zoom however I kind of expected this but it it’s still extremely difficult to adjust if you’re looking to use this scope for comp or fast sporting events you will be slow to zoom in on those longer targets. Now for hunting you’ll do just fine as your aiming down on Bambi.

3. And finally the last are the scope rings for this. Get you some better ones I’d recommend some that set the scope more forward as it makes it hard to get to my charging handle with how far back the rear lens is set after placing the mounts as far forward as you can before being on your hand guard.



Monstrum G2 1-4x24

However, with these three little issues that I had they are simple fixes, and I am pleased with the scope. If anyone is wondering about the weight, it’s not an issue for me it’s really not bad at all you can feel it the first time you aim with it but it simply goes away the more you work with your rifle.


Monstrum G2 1-4×24 First Focal Plane FFP Rifle Scope